Large Fowl
White Cochin
Frizzle Chickens

Large Fowl White Cochin Frizzle Chickens

The Large Fowl White Cochin Frizzle is the best of both worlds!! You have the large and sweet characteristics of the White Cochin breed. Then you add Frizzle to it!! They are large beautiful, fluffy curly feathered beauties!!! They will average the same weights of the Cochin pure bred at 11 pounds for the Roosters and 9 pounds for the hens. And as the Large Fowl Frizzle, sometimes you do get flat plumage, but they will always have the frizzle plumage gene… We take a Pure Bred Large Fowl White Cochin Hens and breed them with our White Frizzle Rooster.

8 Fertile Hatching Eggs $32 + $15

USPS Priority Mail 1-3 Business Days $47.00

Not Available

8 Day old Chicks $64 + $40

USPS Priority Express Mail 1-2 Days Business Days $104.00