Large Fowl
Buff Orpington
Frizzle Chickens

Large Fowl Buff Orpington Frizzle Chickens

The Frizzled Chicken is actually a characteristic not a breed. It means it has beautiful curled plumage!! We breed our beautiful Buff Orpington Frizzled Roosters with Buff Orpingtons hens.   You do not always get all curled plumage, sometimes you do get flat plumage, but they will always carry the gene for the frizzle plumage!! They all do not come out Buff, some come out lighter in color or darker, they are sweet and absolutely gorgeous!!… Normal size is 7-8 pounds.

8 Fertile Hatching Eggs $32 + $15

USPS Priority Mail 1-3 Business Days $47.00


8 Day old Chicks $64 + $40 USPS

Priority Express Mail 1-2 Days Business Days $104.00

Not Available