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We only ship to the continental United States.

We are NPIP Certified
(The National Poultry Improvement Plan)

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farm fresh eggs

If you purchase eggs or day old chicks from us you are agreeing to the below terms:

  • Once your order is placed we will send you an invoice. We will email you your USPS tracking number when your items have shipped.
  • All of our eggs and chicks come from our farm. We do not use other mass hatcheries to fill your orders. We are a small Duck and Chicken Breeder that treats our birds like family. They are not mass produced and put on a conveyor belt to ship to size and other inhumane activities… If you are looking for large mass producer, we are not who you want to purchase from!! We fulfil small order of day old chicks and fertile hatching eggs.
  • We do not accept cancelations or returns. If we will not be able to fill your order for some unforeseen reason you will be refunded 100%.
  • Please note, once you purchase chicks an estimated ship date will be emailed to you these are estimates… Since the majority of our chicks are hatched naturally under brooding hens, ship dates for chicks and eggs could be +/–7 days from expected dates given.

baby chicksDay Old Chicks: Day old chicks will be shipped in cardboard shipping boxes with excelsior pads. During the winter months we put a small warmers to help keep the chicks warm. We ship our chicks Monday through Wednesday so they will not be left at the post office over a weekend.  We will have GroGel Plus-B in the box for chicks or ducklings to eat while in transit. Live birds will be shipped to your local post office and they will call you, at the phone number you listed with us, when they come in for you to pick them up. All of our chicks are shipped as straight run only.  Guarantee is only that of USPS Priority Express delivery date, we can not guarantee how USPS treats the package as it is out of our control.


Eggs:Eggs will be shipped directly to your home, packaged with care and professionalism! We put stickers on the outside of the packaging that says fragile handle with care, do not x-ray, do not drop, Live Fertile Hatching Eggs. We do not give refunds on eggs because of damage in USPS shipping or hatch rate as this is out of our control….  We will be happy to split our egg orders in half by two breeds upon availability.  Our eggs are costed with USPS priority mail which does not guarantee the date or arrival or damage to eggs.  We can change this for you to USPS Priority Express Mail which does guarantee the date of arrival, please just let us know and we can tell you the price difference, please note the price difference is substantial!

Local Pickups: If you would like to pick up your day old chicks or eggs, please contact us through our portal to purchase.

Wait List: Please fill out the contact us form if you would like to be notified when the next available shipment of specific eggs or day old chicks will be available.

If you have emailed us requesting to be notified of a specific type of eggs or day old chicks, you will be sent an email for first priority and you will have 2 days to purchase before they will be placed on line for sale.